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Manufacturing Dashboard Your Companion to Optimise Production Unit

The importance of analytics in the manufacturing industry is increasing rapidly. Hence, many units are looking for software like FactoryWorx manufacturing dashboard to provide critical information in real-time. It helps manufacturers optimise most of their processes and boost the safety and efficiency of the unit.


The modern production monitoring software helps collect the raw data and present it as easy-to-understand format that the stakeholders can use for other important operations.

What is a manufacturing dashboard?

A manufacturing dashboard can be defined as a real-time visual representation of various manufacturing processes. The graphical representation shows KPI that indicate performance.


What does the manufacturing dashboard display?

Certain apps like FactoryWorx manufacturing dashboard display critical data. This information helps supervisors monitor the production process. It allows them to take necessary actions to boost quality and efficiency, and reduce production costs. It also provides analytics, allowing manufacturers to compare various KPIs.


How Does Dashboard Help Optimise Manufacturing Process?

The traditional dashboard consisted of paper reports and spreadsheets that were supported by MES and ERP systems. The management got the data from the previous shift. The professionals would summarise the data to report to the top management. By the time it reaches the owner’s table, the data is a few days old and not the present status. It poses tight situations for the management.


The present scenario is quite different. The manufacturers are expected to meet high-level demands of market, and floor managers are forced to look for new alternatives to handle technological disruption.


Access to a production monitoring software provides manufacturers with a real-time visual representation of the entire process, highlighting the KPIs. The application collects all the necessary information to organise and represent it in an easy-to-understand format. The added benefit is that the presentations are easily accessible by all the stakeholders.

The Factoryworx production monitoring software can collect various process variables, which help in analysing the production process and find bottlenecks. Further, it helps integrate factors like production rates, quality control and machine availability.


  • Streamlining of production

The real time production monitoring software helps leverage vital analytics that helps manufacturers track and optimise quality. Additionally, it allows measuring rate of return, which can be related to the supply chain and low-defect rates throughout the supply chain. Easy availability of data across all departments helps in better handling of jobs, customised and timely alerts and reporting.


  • Complete visibility of production lines

Efficient operations call for real-time line visibility. The digital manufacturing analytics dashboard provides a clear and real-time picture of the production line at any given time. Optimising a single machine or production line is not enough to meet tight deadlines. Including certain operations like scheduling, budgeting, operational performance and logistics in the dashboard and integrating them will help find the best solution. 


  • Provide information instantly

A custom-made dashboard provides information instantaneously. The stakeholders can pull it up to access authorised data quickly, such as inventories and line performance information. Availability of such critical data helps in quick decisions and reduces the chances of faulty production output.


  • Actionable information

Access to instant information helps identify areas that need improvement. The charts and graphs provide a clear picture of grey performance areas. It becomes easy for the manufacturer to find the bottleneck of the process.


  • Reducing manual tasks

The software reduces the need for data collection and manual reporting. It also allows easy access to KPIs and other information in real-time if a dashboard is deployed. The automation of the complete process filters data and eliminates duplicate data.


Customisable production monitoring software can prove to be the backbone of a manufacturing unit as it provides many benefits. Refer to the blog How Production Dashboard Helps a Manufacturing Industry? to know the key benefits of dashboard which helps manufacturers in critical decision making and running the organisation smoothly.