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Advanced MES technology with Focus on human experience.

Software Solution Focused on Supporting You

At FactoryWorx we recognise that a great technology solution is never just about technology. We know, that any software is only as good as it is easy to use, adaptable as you grow, and how well it is supported when things go wrong.


Therefore, we provide expert guidance, training and support, focused not just on our software solution but on supporting you.


Our holistic approach to business ensures that all FactoryWorx MES modules seamlessly connect your urgent business challenges, i.e. where the business is hurting now, with long term goals. This is achieved through the modular design of our comprehensive platform including Continuous Improvement  Strategy, Industry 4.0 and AI capabilities.

Building Your Success on Collaboration Philosophy

As an intelligent solution anchored in your business strategy, FactoryWorxTM software platform supports your operations and your bigger picture.


To ensure that you have the best support in all areas that our software touches, we go to great lengths to build collaborative relationships with the best providers of complementing products and services. Therefore, we partner with proven and trusted brands who are best equipped to add value to your Continuous Improvement, Lean and Change Management projects.

Industry 4.0 ENQUIRY

Starting with automation or looking for a holistic MES Solution? Start Here.

The Support Pillars of FactoryWorxTM MES


FactoryWorx team

Virtual Support

On Site Support


FactoryWorx team

Specialist Partners

Technical Support

FactoryWorx team

Virtual Support

On Site Support

Rapid Deployment on Your Terms

Modular, plug and play design and wireless data collection capability of FactoryWorxTM MES architecture ensure fast deployment and a range of savings:


Plug and Run


No cabling or installation cost


Increased production availability


Reduced downtime availability

FactoryWorx software deployment system follows the most effective path to manufacturing excellence. This means, smooth digital transition without time or data loss, seamlessly connecting the entire production process with business and value chain, right through to onboarding the AI Digital Twin.

FactoryWorxTM Path to Manufacturing excellence

FactoryWorxTM MES solution forms an integral part of any factory by standardising and automating factory processes, information, workflows, and team management. This is how your Deployment Phases of FactoryWorxTM MES may look like in more detail.


Master Data Management
Production Order (PO) Management


Site Production Data Management (FactoryWorx Paperless)
Production Reporting
Digital Workflow Management


Procedures established


Manufacturing Analytics (Data Mining)
Team & Project Management
Artificial Intelligence – Coming (Predictive)
Business Improvement Strategy

Client wanted everything. This global food manufacturer wanted a single truth system to fully integrate with all business operations, including Continuous Improvement, and to be AI enabled. And guess what? That’s exactly what FactoryWorx platform solutions are designed to do. Bring it on!


Complete Service Support Through our Partner Ecosystem

The full benefits of advanced MES and Industry 4.0 digital transformation are realised through integration of technology with strategy and people. Through our Partner Program FactoryWorx can support your organisation and its people in key areas that further enhance the performance of our advanced software

Change Management


Supply Chain Management