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FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0

Accelerate Growth with FactoryWorx Industry 4.0 Capability

Introduction to FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0

FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 is also referred as Smart Factory Solution or simply I4 Solution. Our solution is built on the philosophy about rapid data, real-time in-depth analytics, standardisation, easy management and rapid plug-and-play deployment that requires minimum installation.


The ultimate goal and promise of FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 Solution is to drive increasingly higher adaptability in production to rapidly respond to the changing trends and customer demands for short-run product variety and personalisation, without sacrificing the quality or profitability achieved in large volume production.


FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 Solution is fully aligned with leading global trends, but its main focus and biggest advantage is to imbed a layer of intelligence into the automation, leveraging the connectivity of IIoT technologies, AI, and predictive analytics, to accelerate our clients’ operational and strategic decision making and innovation across the entire value chain.

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Why Smart Manufacturers Embrace FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 Solution

On the operational level, smart companies want to drive their factories in the same way most of us prefer to use a car. We simply want to get in and, and with easiest effort, without thinking what to do next, go where we need to get, using the optimum route, relying on the IoT enabled navigation.

FactoryWorx Industry 4.0 enabled MES  allows manufacturers to set criteria for the best path to achieve their production and business goals. A system designed with appropriate, advanced sensors and hardware establishes machine to machine (M2M) communication. With relevant criteria and metrics programmed in (increasingly simpler and more intuitive task), the IIoT powered life undertakes relentless, tireless and free of human errors process of:

  1. Measuring and reporting correct and real-life data.
  2. Instantly visualising information the decision-maker (operator or CEO) needs at any time.
  3. Adjusts production inputs and outputs to optimise costs, including, scheduling, energy and asset management.
  4. Providing warnings and alerts, based on predictive analytics, to illuminate the path forward.

Leverage the extraordinary adaptability and power of FactoryWorxTM MES Platform Solutions to drive your manufacturing operations to the next level of competitive performance and market leadership.

FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 Solution – Our Difference

Unlike any other solution on the market, FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 is a natural extension of FactoryWorxTM MES,  a single, exceptionally comprehensive platform, which is by default equipped with industrial sensors and IIoT technologies as well as AI capability.


Born out of modern information technology thinking, transforming the manufacturing environment from within, FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 is designed to address and solve all manufacturing operational challenges, while also driving innovation through Continuous Improvement modules and supporting strategy through predictive analytics and value chain connectivity.


It is simply the matter of scale of automation. In the FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 large groups of integrated sensors are interconnected to effectively resolve any sensing/data requirement from factory automation, logistics and production monitoring. All you need to do, when ready, is to flick the switch to go into full Industry 4.0 overdrive.


No disruptions, no need to learn new software or perform complex systems integrations.


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Six Ways FactoryWorx Helps You Succeed in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 delivers its full potential only when all critical elements are in place. Our holistic approach, seamlessly executed in collaboration with our Partner ecosystem, aligns our exceptional software, with devices, communication and training to close the knowledge gap of your employees.


FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 is more than just software and connected devices. It starts with solving human problems and evolves to assist humans on increasingly higher level of predictive actions and importantly, higher level of decisions. Some of them might be game changing.

FactoryWorx simplifies the Industry 4.0 transformation with a standardised out-of-a-box solution, FactoryWorx ExcelerateTM Program.  This approach reflects the modular, scalable FactoryWorxTM MES design.

The FactoryWorx ExcelerateTM Program incorporates an essential functionality package, for rapid deployment, rapid data and an all-important workforce training to bridge the knowledge gap and ensure workforce also transforms their mindset for Industry 4.0 success. The program initiates the standardisation process and enables future scalability.


Universal Connectivity

Technologies currently driving smart factories have two underlining functions: connectivity and data collection and processing. Industry 4.0 utilises hardware and smart devices that are increasingly designed with rapid, plug and play commissioning and replacement capability.

Industry 4.0 excels at leveraging data. Through the IIoT connectivity and devices, data is collected and reported in real time as well as processed through the manufacturing intelligence layer added by advanced MES software.  Intelligent software, such as  FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 monitors and manages the devices with automated and remote setting of sensor parameters.

Easy Deployment

The best Industry 4.0 enabled MES software, like  FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 solution, is device agnostic, ready for rapid plug deployment. We work closely with your team to ensure seamless integration with your existing business software systems (e.g. ERP) and to establish that essential Industry 4.0 layer of intelligence. We help you develop a rules-based context for collection and reporting the right data and, most importantly, to create actionable insights on every level of operation.  


Standardisation is one of the core pillars of Industry 4.0. In its significance, this is akin to introducing the metric system to everything that can be measured, across the world. Standardization drives process efficiency, data reliability and enables rapid responses to change. This is contextualised through real-time reporting, paperless operations and plug-and-play scalability of operations.

Standardisation is also what will lead to the next generation workplace with AI presence as a norm. Modern MES platforms like FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 are designed with the standardisation as an underlying philosophy.

Predictive Analytics

Utilising Predictive Analytics, built on the cumulative experience and proven performance of FactoryWorxTM MES Platform, the FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 MES Solution provides a reliable and well-organized workflow and risk prevention control.

Importantly, the FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 MES utilises brand- and vendor-agnostic Open Cloud, ensuring the highest degree of interoperability and security.

From factory automation to logistics uses and production monitoring solutions, Factoryworx large group of integrated sensors can effectively resolve any sensing/data requirement. It provides reliable and well-organized workflow and risk prevention control.


Continuous Improvement is the New Innovation

In Industry 4.0 predictive analytics maximise every aspect of manufacturing efficiency with smart automation. Functionality such as digital work instructions, automated central job scheduling and predictive maintenance, the new type of workforce can and must focus on utilising and expanding their knowledge to drive improvement and  disrupt the competition.

How FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 Delivers Strategic Outcomes

FactoryWorxTM Connectivity

  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud
  • Sensors
  • Blockchain

FactoryWorxTM Human-Machine Communication

  • Devices and Wearables
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Robotics, AGVs

FactoryWorxTM Analytics & Intelligence

  • Advanced analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

FactoryWorxTM Strategy

  • Team Collaboration
  • Knowledge Workforce

FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 Platform Solves Key Business Challenges

Business Challenge:
Efficiency and Costs Control

Transformational Shift:
  • Line scheduling optimised
  • Reduced cost of energy
  • Reduced cost of downtime
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Improved asset utilisation
Business Challenge:
Productivity Improvements

Transformational Shift:
  • Eliminated waste
  • Improved labour management
  • Improved human engagement

Business Challenge:
Consistency of Quality

Transformational Shift:

  • Reduced warranty and recall issues
  • Reduced reject and reword cost
  • Improved Customer satisfaction

Business Challenge:
Ease of Operations

Transformational Shift:

  • Easy data collection and visibility
  • Fast deployment of additional functions
  • Plug and play sensor maintenance
  • Time saving remote sensor management
Business Challenge:
Revenue Growth

Transformational Shift:
  • Improved Brand quality image
  • Higher customer retention
  • Capacity for new customer offerings
Business Challenge:
Maximise Production Capacity

Transformational Shift:
  • More short product run opportunities
  • More fast turnaround projects
  • Better planning with predictive analytics

An Elegant Manufacturing Solution designed to deliver Value

Four Reasons to Adopt FactoryWorxTM Industry 4.0 Solution.

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Training for Results

  • Documentation
  • In-Person with Experts
  • Live Online

Support for Success

  • 24/7 [Live Reps]
  • Business Hours
  • Online

Drive Your Industry 4.0 Transformation With Our Holistic Support

The advantages of Industry 4.0 transformation come with challenges that need to be balanced against the gains with corporate strategy and social responsibility. These challenges are influenced by economic, social, and political factors and ultimately, affect organisations internally.


Therefore, smart organisations embracing Industry 4.0, address these challenges as part of the strategic process, and build relevant communication and desired behaviours into their approach.


We leverage our Partner Program to support your organisation in addressing these challenges through:

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