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The constantly rising cost of energy, combined with growing environmental concerns, legislative compliance, and associated legal risks and financial penalties, makes FactoryWorxTM Energy Management automation a must-have solution to keep your manufacturing operations above the “bottom line”.

Introduction to FactoryWorxTM Energy Management

FactoryWorxTM Energy Management is a cloud based, advanced Energy Management System (EMS) that provides real time visibility and analysis  of energy as an important driver of production cost and helps identify opportunities for improvement initiatives.


FactoryWorxTM Energy Management module not only provides direct savings to production costs. With the legislation constantly changing to reflect social and political shifts in environmental sustainability, energy consumption is not just a physical cost. Increasingly it represents a much bigger risk but also opportunities to business in terms of leveraging brand reputation.


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FactoryWorxTM Energy Reporting – Process Overview

Capturing this important cost driver through FactoryWorxTM Energy Management provides greater accuracy of the overall cost of products and leads to tangible outcomes on the bottom line. In line with our Industry 4.0 standardisation principle, your FactoryWorxTM Energy Management solution comes as a transparent business process.



FactoryWorxTM Energy Reporting – Functionality Overview

FactoryWorxTM Energy Management provides your operations with several interconnected functionalities that deliver business savings, improved profitability and brand reputation. Importantly, this is part of a powerful MES platform that can accelerate your digital manufacturing transformation.


1. Data Acquisition

FactoryWorxTM Energy Management System gathers data using sensors and transducers from any number of devices and sources to measure usage of diverse services including electricity, water, waste, gas, etc. FactoryWorx EMS collects data automatically using our extensive integrations capability.



  • Automatic
  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Real-time

2. Real-time Visualisation / Reporting

FactoryWorxTM cloud-based Energy Management system allows companies to monitor and manage their energy practice and cost with real-time automation. Data collected using IIoT devices and integrations is instantly analysed in real-time to generate alerts and notifications for automatic actions and reporting. It will send notifications to an Energy Manager about any irregular energy patterns.



  • Instant visibility of issues and opportunities
  • Notifications ensure that opportunities are leveraged

3. Automatic Energy Monitoring

FactoryWorxTM Energy Management system comes with the unique FactoryWorxTM MES intelligence layer. It automatically compiles and predicts the energy usage. Though its IIoT integrations, FactoryWorxTM EMS connects with weather stations and collects data such as temperature, moisture, humidity. It learns the regular energy practice and predicts energy usage for the next day or planning period.

This enables predictive planning and scheduling, resulting in  lower energy and resource consumption.



  • Lower cost of energy
  • Efficiency in usage of energy
  • Increased business performance and agility with predictive reporting and timely decisions.

4. Energy Auditing

FactoryWorxTM Energy Management system can carry out automatic Energy Audits. An energy audit is designed to help you identify the most practical and cost-effective options to reduce energy consumption and costs. According to the ISO 50002 standard, an energy audit is a systematic analysis of energy  use within a defined energy audit scope, in order to identify, quantify and report on the opportunities for improved energy performance.


An Energy Audit establishes the baseline for any improvements in an organisation's energy use. It provides a comprehensive and systematic method for targeting cost effective efficiency gains. 



  • Establish a baseline for energy monitoring and planning
  • Enables accurate bases for predictive energy management
  • Provides reliable data for Corporate Reporting
  • Provides verified data to Stakeholders.

5. Predictive Planning of Energy Usage

The magnitude of IIoT connected devices in the Industry 4.0 generates big data that provides not only real-time insights but also predictive analytics for every area of business. This enables companies to leverage predictive planning to usage and allocation of expensive resources, such as energy.


Energy usage is not only a direct variable cost of doing business. Even greater is the impact of your energy consumption on the environment and your social reputation. Systems, such as FactoryWorxTM Energy Management enable intelligent decision making with unprecedented flexibility in the energy management within the current and future power systems.


FactoryWorx uses extensive IIoT connectivity to gain relevant internal and external data (e.g. weather forecasts)  combined with statistical and machine learning methods to learn from historical consumption data to predict your future consumption.


The intelligence layer of FactoryWorxTM EMS drives direct autonomous actions by the system and guides planning and decisions of people through alerts, notifications and reporting.


This functionality is particularly important in cost- and energy-sensitive and brand reputation-driven industries, such as Agriculture, FMCG and Food manufacturing.



  • Improved accuracy of planning, costing and budgeting.
  • Improved CSR control and reporting
  • More competitive product and operations cost structure

Leverage Benefits FactoryWorxTM Energy Management Across Business


Improved accuracy of product costing.


Reduced cost of energy consumption with Predictive Energy Planning.


Improved product profitability with reduced cost of production.


Consistently met compliance requirements for energy efficiency.


Eliminated cost penalties for excessive use of energy.


Reduce overall cost of manufacturing.


Reduced cost of energy bill with predictive energy buying.


Competitive advantage of verified brand claims for “green” or carbon-neutral products.


Stronger Brand reputation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Deploy FactoryWorxTM Energy Management on Your Terms

One of the most valued benefits of FactoryWorxTM MES Modular solutions is flexibility. If you are not ready to go full throttle into Industry 4.0 transformation, you can easily adopt the complete FactoryWorxTM Energy Management or roll it out one functionality at a time. Both options are equally viable depending on your situation and needs.


Each Module and its logical functionalities is an independent mini-MES Module that enables deploying automation and efficiencies where they are most needed.


If you choose to get a DEMO to see FactoryWorxTM Energy Management in action, our expert will show you the best way to address your most challenging or annoying manufacturing issues.


  • Cloud – SaaS, Web-based
  • Desktop – Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Mobile – iPhone, Android, iPad
  • On-Premises – Windows, Linux


  • Free Trial
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  • Annual Subscription
  • One-Time License


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