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What is MES?

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is a specialist class of production-oriented software, critical to automating physical and digital processes necessary for manufacturing operations in the Industry 4.0. These applications are designed to increase productivity and improve quality of manufacturers by measuring, monitoring and managing production control activities. Manufacturing Execution Systems, MES,  are the next generation, effectively replacing MRP software and Production Scheduling software. However, they perfectly integrate and coordinate physical production activities with enterprise-level systems like ERP.

FactoryWorxTM Solution

In today’s global competitive environment FactoryWorxTM MES Platform Solutions support growth strategies of manufacturing companies. Our advanced MES software seamlessly integrates all internal manufacturing operations, ERP, teams, and digital and physical processes, with the entire value chain through powerful traceability and transportation modules.

FactoryWorxTM MES offers the most comprehensive MES capability on the market. With over 30 modules you will be able to integrate all aspects of the manufacturing process product related logistics. FactoryWorxTM MES stands apart from its competitors with advanced strategic MES modules, such as FactoryWorxTM Team Management. By harnessing the human factor you will ensure an exceptional level of your business performance as a brand.


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FactoryWorxTM MES Solution

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Not All MES Software Was Created Equal

There are dozens of software products that perform one or more MES functionalities.  Most of them struggle with one or all of these problems:

  1. They are legacy systems, lacking the sophistication and intelligence to take you to Industry 4.0.
  2. They are linked to specific hardware or ERP software, lacking the agility of new generation technologies. 
  3. They are too niche. They may provide depth in one area like continuous improvement but lack the connectivity and insights of the full operation, let alone your value chain and all the way to the end customer. 

FactoryWorxTM MES Has it All

Essential MES Functionalities

  • Production Management
  • Reporting Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Management

Advanced Strategic Capability

  • Team Management (vs labour / production management) 
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Maintenance

Industry 4.0 and AI Capability

  • Strategic Management 
  • Preventative / Predictive maintenance
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Logistics Management

MES Software that Supports Business Strategy

At FactoryWorx we know that it is never just about technology. Our holistic approach to business ensures that FactoryWorxTM MES solutions effectively connect priority business objectives, i.e. where business is hurting now, with longer term goals.

As long as your company has a strategic commitment to succeeding through MES automation and connectivity, you can start the transformation process at the top or the bottom. 

The circular nature of the Continuous Improvement  Strategy ensures that  strategic decisions are supported by quality data.


Rapid Deployment

Modular, plug and play design and wireless data collection capability of FactoryWorxTM MES architecture ensure fast deployment and a range of savings:


Plug and Run


No cabling or installation cost


Increased production availability


Reduced downtime availability


Test Drive One of these Essential Modules for FREE

Test drive any of these modules for FREE for up to 60 days. Start where you are experiencing the greatest pain. Experience the difference before you pay anything or even have to make a decision!


FactoryWorxTM MES Solutions

Designed to connect and automate your product creation from cradle to grave.


Labour Management
Manufacturing Resource Planning MRP
Printing & Coding Mgt
Production Monitoring
Production Traceability
Recipe Management
Scheduling & Routing


Labour Cost
OEE Reporting
Traceability & Genealogy


Alarms & Notifications
Process monitoring
Automatic Part Qualification
Product Quality Mgt
Product Quality Monitoring


Inventory Management
Stock Management


IIoT sensors
Major business softwares
Specialist Hardware
Middleware, Robotics, Automation ( LGVs)


Factory Dashboards
Manufacturing Dashboards


Transportation Mgt (TMS)
Chain of responsibility


Paperless Factory
Digital Instructions


Digital Work Instruction
Improvement Management
Inventory / Spares Mgt
Labour Management
Time Management
Standardised Machine Repair Procedures
Stock Reporting


Predictive Planning of Energy Usage
Automatic Monitoring


Asset monitoring
Predictive asset management


Project Management
Performance Management


FactoryWorxTM MES Solution

Let our experts show the easier side of manufacturing success.


Discover FactoryWorxTM MES Essential Solutions

Easily transform your operations into paperless automation with enhanced planning and control through dashboard visualisation of processes, assets, inventory and energy. Manage and lead people using our unique Team Collaboration feature. Explore these essential MES modules and ask us to demonstrate how they can easily fit into your operations and take them to the next level of manufacturing excellence and competitiveness .

FactoryWorxTM Production Management module addresses all vital areas of operational management in manufacturing.  Intelligent, sensor-enhanced capabilities provide full visibility of physical and digital factors, enabling, planning and responsiveness to the enterprise-wide planning, decisions and customer-supply-chain interdependencies.


This extensive Module includes multiple functionalities, offering a range of solutions relating to the management of two key aspects of manufacturing: Production Management, which involves creating saleable products utilising materials, labour and activity management; and, Operations Management, which involves Distribution, Logistics and Transportation of products and goods.


Key Functionalities:

  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Quality Management
  • Labour Management
  • Logistics & Inventory Management

Some of the Supporting Functionalities:

  • Production Scheduler
  • Resource planning and allocation
  • Scheduling & Routing
  • Printing & Coding Management
  • Production Reporting
  • Production Traceability
  • Recipe Management
  • Product Specifications Management
  • Labour Tracking
  • Shift Log Management
  • Labour Performance Reporting
  • Labour Skills Management

FactoryWorxTM Production Reporting module is Industry 4.0 and IIoT powered and provides superior ability to connect, access and leverage data. This gives our clients a massive competitive advantage to accelerate their operations and quality of outcomes.  As an out-of-the box visualisation and reporting system it provides manufacturing and warehousing operations with an extraordinary capacity for valuable and timely insights  that drive pre accurate decisions and pre-emptive actions.


Key Functionalities:

  • OEE Reporting
  • Downtime Reporting


  • Waste Reporting
  • Energy Labour Reporting
  • Line Setup / Changeover Reporting
  • Quality Reporting

FactoryWorxTM Quality Management is the smartest path to automating quality and compliance processes for long-term customer satisfaction. It automates your quality processes with digitised recipe management and product specifications, automated controls, real-time trends, statistics, and notifications, ensuring strict adherence to internal and external quality standards.


Unlike  many quality management systems, FactoryWorxTM Quality Management is Industry 4.0 and IIoT enabled. As one of the core modules of FactoryWorxTM MES solution, this extensive module has a superior ability to collect, analyse and leverage extensive range of insights to give you a massive competitive advantage.


Key Functionalities:

  • Integrations
  • Quality Control Management
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Quality Reporting
  • SPC, QPC Analysis
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Digitised Documentation and Document Control
  • Problem Resolution, CAPA
  • Complaints – Customers, Supply Chain
  • Materials Quality Assurance
  • Predictive Quality Management
  • Continuous Improvement

FactoryWorxTM Inventory Management is responsible for tracing and managing inventory and stock with focus on accuracy, traceability and cost optimisation. FactoryWorxTM Inventory Management automation and real-time inventory visibility of digital and physical information provides superior efficiency and accountability of inventory management in the manufacturing process, from purchase order (PO) and components arriving at the loading dock, to product traceability through the entire Supply Chain to the Customer.


FactoryWorxTM Inventory Management includes and differentiates between Inventory Management and Stock Management


Key Functionalities:

  • Organisation of inventory
  • Digitisation process
  • Accuracy
  • Logistics
  • People

When legacy and newer stand-alone systems are crippling manufacturing operations, FactoryWorxTM Integrations module offers an elegant out-of-the-box solution. It enables manufacturing and warehousing operations to fully integrate all aspects of their physical and digital activities on the production floor with enterprise-wide business systems. As is one of the key elements of FactoryWorxTM advanced MES suite solutions, this module delivers instant results – with an added layer of intelligence built-in.


In the age of IIoT hyper-connectivity  there is no room for stand-alone applications. The best software systems no longer operate in isolation. They not only integrate with other systems but become conduits for other systems to integrate effectively.


Key Functionalities:

  • ERP | SAP
  • Other Business IT Systems
  • Hardware: Printers | Checking | Weighing Equipment
  • Middleware: LGVs | AGVs | Robotics
  • Specialist Production Equipment
  • Platform Partners

FactoryWorxTM Dashboards is an advanced business and manufacturing visualisation software that automatically captures data from all business systems, including IIoT devices, analyses and provides people at all levels with a highly visual and easy to understand snapshot of important business information.  


FactoryWorxTM Dashboards provide instant, real-time visibility of KPIs, activity status, and metrics for urgent or strategic decisions relevant to specific objectives or business goals. And FactoryWorxTM Dashboards are accessible from anywhere, any time.


FactoryWorxTM Dashboards integrate with FactoryWorxTM Production Reporting module, ensuring the quality and usability of reports and data collected by the production software.


Key Functionalities:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Visualisations
  • Personalisation
  • Collaboration

FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management is an exceptional digital platform for managing and optimizing logistics and transportation to ensure that products are manufactured and delivered to customers in the most efficient manner. The module comprises the FactoryWorxTM Transportation Management System (TMS) that manages the physical journey of the product from the loading dock through production lines, to customer delivery. With powerful tracking and tracing capability it streamlines transportation requirements across product life cycle, analysing costs from multiple carriers to help you reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Key Functionalities:

  • FactoryWorxTM Logistics Transportation Management (TMS)
  • FactoryWorxTM Chain of Responsibility (COR)
  • FactoryWorxTM Load Builder

FactoryWorxTM  Paperless module is designed to facilitate and accelerate digital manufacturing transformation. It’s primarily about outcomes, achieved through capture and leverage of data to drive better business decisions and ultimately better business performance. FactoryWorxTM Paperless solution enables companies to create a digital environment where reliable and fully integrated workflows are instantly visible and available when and where needed. It effectively connects machines, processes, systems and people as intelligent networks.

Key Functionalities:

  • FactoryWorxTM Process Mapper
  • FactoryWorxTM From Builder – Forms and Document Creation
  • Workflow Optimisation Design

FactoryWorxTM Maintenance and Asset Management is an IIoT driven solution with advanced capability to rapidly collect and analyse data from a vast range of equipment and instantly deliver important insights. It enables manufacturers to significantly reduce or eliminate the major production cost driver: downtime associated with equipment performance.  FactoryWorxTM Maintenance Management module provides comprehensive functionality to ensure smooth, efficient and effective running of production with insights that benefit enterprise-wide decisions and projects.

Key Functionalities:

  • Inventory Management
  • Labour Management
  • Asset Management
  • Work Order (WO) Requests
  • Documentation Management
  • Maintenance & Asset Reporting
  • Mobile App
  • Predictive Asset and Maintenance Management (AI)
  • Integrations

FactoryWorxTM Team Collaboration is a paperless work management solution that helps teams stay focused on important goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow business and provide people with measurable sense of achievement.  It  leverages the integrations of FactoryWorxTM MES and is often implemented as part of FactoryWorxTM Continuous Improvement platform with which it shares lean and agile tools.


Key Functionalities:


Get Organised
Plan and structure work in a way that’s best for your team to achieve the shared goal. Automatically set meetings, projects and tasks with pre-built templates. Assign tasks and deadlines. All in one place. Execute projects with Lean Six Sigma ‘DMAIC’ model.
  • SMART Meetings
  • Tasks
  • Project Management
  • Performance Management – using Balanced Score Card.

Stay On Track

Follow projects and tasks through every stage using native Scrum Boards or Kanban Boards for agile task management. Teams can see their tasks live on real-time project boards and Project Managers can easily see the overall projects and keep everyone aligned on goals. The software itself manages this process with automated notifications.

Meet Deadlines

Create visual project plans using Process Mapper. See how the project will unfold and pinpoint risks and best paths to eliminating roadblocks. It is always up to date and automatically notifies all contributors when plans change.

FactoryWorxTM Energy Management system (EMS) is cloud-based and allows companies to monitor and manage their energy usage with real-time automation. Data collected using IIoT devices and integrations is analysed in real-time to generate alerts and notifications about any irregular patterns. It also connects with weather stations to access data such as temperature, moisture, humidity. FactoryWorxTM EMS automatically predicts energy usage for the next day or planning period, enabling predictive, optimised planning and scheduling.


Key Functionalities:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Real-time  Visualisation / Reporting
  • Automatic Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Auditing

decision time

How to Choose the Right MES Solution for You

As much as we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality and value of FactoryWorx MES. We realise that the decision you are facing is not easy. Choosing the right MES solution is not only about cost. It is also about  time commitment if you make a mistake. It is about future growth, adaptability, flexibility. And it is a commitment to people you will be working with.

These 5 questions will make your decision easier:

1. Is it easily scalable to cope with future scenarios? Browse our solutions: from basic automation to AI.

2. Is the deployment an easy “plug and play”? Simply, yes. Factor in days, not months.

3. Can I see how it will work for my situation rather than just a generic video? Book a Demo with an expert.

4. Can I try before I buy? Get a FREE Trial.

5.The Trust factor. Go to the top and check out our Leadership. Connect with our Founder, Mergen Pillay on LinkedIn.

things we need to do

Some of Manufacturing Challenges FactoryWorxTM Helps Solve


FactoryWorx MES will help you …

  • Scale up production.
  • Replace paper-and-spreadsheet- based systems.
  • Keep production capacity consistent.
  • Give operators more control to incentivise productivity. 
  • Improve production scheduling & routing.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Automate complex packaging options with traceability.
  • Eliminate downtime with predictive maintenance.
  • Implement paperless quality control system.
  • Automates shop floor data collection.
  • Prompt operators to perform real-time quality checks.
  • A flexible and scalable out-of-a-box MES, that still performs our unique functions but it does not require custom software development of major customization.
  • Easily deploy out-of-the-box MES software that can future proof your business.

What is your most pressing challenge?
If any of this sound familiar, you are in the right place.


Ready to see the possibilities?

Welcome to your manufacturing future.