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Today, successful businesses, especially in complex sectors like manufacturing, rely on instant visibility of data via advanced visualisation tools such as FactoryWorxTM Dashboards to efficiently track their KPIs, take timely actions and make better decisions on every level.

What are Dashboards in Business?

A modern Business Dashboard is a data visualization tool that captures data from multiple sources, organizes, stores, and displays important information in a visual, easy to understand format.


Business dashboards provide users with at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular objective or business process.

Step up with FactoryWorxTM Dashboards

FactoryWorxTM Dashboards is an advanced business and manufacturing visualisation software that automatically captures data from all business systems, including IIoT devices, analyses and provides people at all levels with a highly visual and easy to understand snapshot of important business information. 


FactoryWorxTM Dashboards provide instant, real-time visibility of KPIs, activity status, or metrics for urgent or strategic decisions relevant to specific objectives or business goals. And FactoryWorxTM Dashboards are accessible from anywhere, any time.


Uniquely, FactoryWorxTM Dashboards integrate with FactoryWorxTM Production Reporting module, ensuring the quality and usability of reports and data collected by the production software.


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Who Uses FactoryWorxTM Dashboards

As an integral part of FactoryWorxTM MES suite, our Dashboards provide exceptional reporting capability and value. FactoryWorxTM Dashboards are used by leading manufacturing brands to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of production, operations, projects, Continuous Improvement and strategic decisions.

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The 4X Advantage of FactoryWorxTM Dashboards

There are many reasons our clients have chosen FactoryWorxTM Dashboards rather than anything else. Here are the top four.

Data Acquisition

Leverage FactoryWorxTM Integrations to get data from diverse sources: Production, Business/ERP, Supply Chain, IoT, CRM, etc.


Leverage FactoryWorxTM Integrations to get data from diverse sources: Production, Business/ERP, Supply Chain, IoT, CRM, etc.


Start using out-of-the-box dashboards pre-configured for best practice. OR easily build your own.


Easily use data from your current sources and 3rd party systems to visualise in FactoryWorxTM Dashboards.

1. Integrations and Data Acquisition

FactoryWorxTM Dashboards integrate with every aspect of manufacturing operations, collecting and organising any type of data, in format that matters. As part of manufacturing operations systems, our Dashboards collect data from both digital and physical factory environment. Leverage FactoryWorxTM Integrations to get data from diverse sources: Production, Business/ERP, Supply Chain, IoT, CRM, etc.

2. Comprehensive Dashboard Visualisations with Omni-Accessibility

Rich Visualisation

FactoryWorxTM Dashboards module has exceptional breadth of tools to generate highly visual reports for best impact on individual, team / crew, supervisory or C-suite level. Using Advanced Charting, FactoryWorxTM Dashboards enable powerful visualisations, which include all types of charts as well as animations.

Advanced Charting

Universal Data Access

Where FactoryWorxTM Dashboards outperforms other data visualisation and dashboard suppliers, is its hyper-connectivity and ability to access and leverage any data, anywhere.  FactoryWorxTM Dashboard solution is Industry 4.0 enabled. The growing automation in manufacturing and warehousing means fewer people who require omni-visibility and access to real-time data wherever they are on the floor.


FactoryWorxTM Dashboards provide such visibility though IoT connectivity beyond a PC or a screen on a production line.


FactoryWorxTM Dashboards provide real-time data visibility anywhere:

3. Personalisation


FactoryWorxTM Dashboards are an easy to deploy, out-of-the-box solution, that comes already pre-built and pre-configured for best practice for your industry or a sector of an industry,  type of report, functional area, etc. you can easily start using the out-of-the-box version of your dashboard with its pre-built:

  • Visualisation widgets
  • Standard Dashboards to cover most requirements in manufacturing and warehousing sectors

All you need is to plug into your data systems and play.

Customise Your Dashboard – DYI

If you like playing with gadgets instead of just using them, FactoryWorxTM Dashboards make it easy to create your own dashboard, My Dashboard with intuitive drag-and-drop feature.

Customised FactoryWorx Dashboards – Built For You

Most of our customers and their staff are too busy doing their primary jobs to have the time for designing great dashboards. But they still require customisation to maximise their time and performance both personal and of their teams.


Our team will build your custom dashboards fast and efficiently so you can get on with what matters.

4. Collaboration – Just Think!

This is the biggest reason our customers love our solution.


We know that every factory already has many systems in place. Most will have at least Quality Management System and Labour Management System. The question is how to get them all talking to each other and give you information on one simple screen.


FactoryWorxTM Dashboards will happily integrate with your systems to access their data from all your current sources and 3rd party systems to visualise in FactoryWorxTM Dashboards.


How FactoryWorxTM Dashboards Help You Succeed

Out-of-the-box and Fully Customisable

Reduce the cost and improve speed of decision making with self-service analytics at enterprise scale

Remote access and responsive on all devices

Pre-built with visualisations for enhanced understanding

Greater efficiency of operation with instant data access

Better forecasting with pre-built visibility of trends in best-practice formats

Real-time visibility of KPIs and possible actions for improvement.

Automated inventory monitoring that reduces out of stock and cost of stock.

Real-time data analytics for effective and preventative actions.

Enhanced decision-making and efficient action at every level with data-driven insights

Gain data Security & Compliance of a leading MES platform

Enhanced cross-functional collaboration that improves efficiency and reduces conflicting decisions.

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FactoryWorxTM Dashboards – Breaking Down the Complexity

FactoryWorxTM Dashboards provide vital business information on three levels:

1. Operational Dashboards

Operational dashboards focus on activity and tasks informing people about what is happening now.

2. Strategic Dashboards 

Strategic dashboards are important on every level of the organisation, by allowing individuals, teams and management monitor their KPIs to stay on track.

3. Analytical Dashboards 

While analytics work behind all FactoryWorxTM solutions, Analytical dashboards are critical on the engineering, project and management level for processing data to identify trends. They enable the visibility of strategic decisions including predictive maintenance, scheduling, financial (e.g. purchasing, ordering), projects, and strategic.

Manufacturing OR Production Dashboards

Gain clear and instant visibility of the most important information needed to achieve one or more Production objectives on every level of operation.

Quality Dashboard

Gain instant insights and track trends in all areas of quality performance. Monitor Continuous Improvement of quality management metrics, issues, trends and risks.

Project Dashboard

Instant visibility of status of KPIs and actions for a single, or multiple projects. Easily shared across a number of people and functions

Advanced Reporting Dashboards

See FactoryWorxTM Production Reporting for more Dashboard Report Options

Deploy FactoryWorxTM Dashboards on Your Terms

One of the most valued benefits of FactoryWorxTM MES Modular solutions is flexibility. You can easily deploy one functionality at a time, starting with FactoryWorxTM Dashboards.


Each Module and its logical functionalities is independent and will enable your to deploy  automation and efficiencies where they are most needed.

Request a DEMO to see FactoryWorxTM Dashboards in action. Our expert will show you the best way to address your most challenging or annoying manufacturing issues.


  • Cloud – SaaS, Web-based
  • Desktop – Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Mobile – iPhone, Android, iPad
  • On-Premises – Windows, Linux


  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Annual Subscription
  • One-Time License

Take the Next Step Towards Success with FactoryWorxTM Dashboards

Well, what now? Sitting on the fence is not going to solve any problems. They are just going to get bigger.

The fact is that the choice of the best MES solution for your manufacturing operation is easier than you think. FactoryWorx modular, scalable MES platform can rapidly transform manufacturing companies into Industry 4.0 leaders. It is recognised for its comprehensiveness and exceptional value by some of the leading brands as well as small manufacturing operations.


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We Have the Solution


Fully optimised production planning, visibility, control.


Measure and gain instant real-time insight into important data.


Automated, instantly measurable quality across a matrix of factors.


Instant visibility of component and product status, quantity and location.


Seamlessly integrates with major ERP and known business systems.


Industry 4.0 enabled, real time production environment visibility.


Control product progress/cost from components to despatch.


Faster, always accurate and reliable digital factory operations.


Lean starts with no down-time preventative maintenance.


Just plug in and action insights to reduce cost and your footprint.


Optimise yield on equipment and stock for maximum


Empower people to see the bigger picture, their progress and support.


Test FactoryWorx Core Modules in Your Operations

Try Before You Buy. Adopting new, advanced MES, Manufacturing Execution System, whether as a single function or entire Industry 4.0 transformation, is a major business commitment. It’s not just cost, but also potential disruptions, increased workloads and a steep learning curve. Not with FactoryWorx!


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