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Leverage the potential of a fully connected physical and digital business environment.


When the legacy and stand-alone systems are crippling your operations and new alternatives threaten to disrupt your already fragile ecosystem, FactoryWorxTM Integrations offer an elegant out-of-the-box solution that easily connects your entire physical and digital operations and delivers instant results - with added layer of intelligence built-in.

Introduction to FactoryWorxTM Integrations

FactoryWorxTM Integrations is an out-of-the-box solution that enables manufacturing and warehousing operations to fully integrate all aspects of their physical and digital activities on the production floor with enterprise-wide business systems. It is one of the key elements of FactoryWorxTM advanced MES suite.


In the age of IIoT hyper-connectivity  there is no room for stand-alone applications. The best software systems no longer operate in isolation. They not only integrate with other systems but become conduits for other systems to integrate effectively.


FactoryWorxTM MES solutions excel at systems integration capability.


Unlike many other systems FactoryWorxTM solutions incorporate IIoT technologies as standard. This offers manufacturers exceptional connectivity with specialist technologies and business systems, providing full visibility of their operations and the entire supply chain, including traceability of product to end customer.

What can we help you connect to gain and leverage better business insights? Everything that counts. Excuse the pun and read on.


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Powerful FactoryWorxTM Integrations – Overview

FactoryWorxTM Integrations offers powerful integration capabilities, transforming manufacturing and warehouse operations through efficient, intelligent connectivity and communication.


Explore the Features and Benefits of FactoryWorxTM Integrations

1. ERP | SAP

Easily integrate FactoryWorxTM MES functionality with your ERP system for enterprise-wide data visibility. While ERP systems are very powerful in running enterprises, they operate on a higher level. They lack the visibility of the physical aspect of production. However, when integrated with MES system, ERP is a powerful ally in sharing Master Data and ensuring consistent and correct business information on all levels.

2. Other Business Management Systems

No ERP software? No problem. Whatever business systems you are currently using, perhaps something specific to your particular sector, or just financial software, FactoryWorxTM will get it talking to your manufacturing and warehouse operations. Add an extra layer of intelligence to your IT business systems by easily integrating production data.

3. Hardware: Printers | Scales | Weighing Equipment

Accuracy is an important part of production. If you are currently using smart measuring equipment, such as smart scales, checkers or robots, FactoryWorxTM Integrations will enable you to easily connect all your equipment with the minimum number of smart sensors, maybe even utilising what you already have. No wiring required. Optimise your business faster using  FactoryWorx cost-effective solution.

4. Specialist Production Equipment

Using FactoryWorxTM Integrations you can instantly connect your specialist equipment to measure its OEE performance, optimise cost of repairs and longevity of your valuable asset. No need to worry about risking the all-important manufacturers’ warranty. We will not interfere with your valuable asset by installing stand-alone sensors.

5. LGVs | AGVs | Robotics

Ready for AI operations? In the Industry 4.0 and AI environment, FactoryWorx software becomes the intelligence layer for your automation technologies:  e.g. LGVs / AGVs, robots, etc. Use  FactoryWorxTM Middleware integration to connect your smart equipment. Fast. Easy. Gain better insights and optimise the cost of repairs, parts and performance.

6. Platform Partners

Leverage our ecosystem of  FactoryWorxTM Partners for instant integration of leading IoT and manufacturing technologies. Although FactoryWorxTM software support on-premises option, our solutions are naturally cloud based to allow the essential IIoT connectivity of Industry 4.0. Our technology partners include leading vendors of smart sensors, smart weighing and checking equipment and other equipment that enables manufacturers efficient, competitive operations.

Instant Integrations with Platform Partners of FactoryWorx TM MES Solution

sick sensor intelligence
value concepts
production reality group

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FactoryWorxTM Systems Integration – Process Overview

To be the best you have to play with the best. We do.


Leverage the Full Business Benefits of FactoryWorxTM Integrations

Leveraging the FactoryWorxTM Integrations carries multiple operational, business and human benefits that ultimately deliver visible results on the bottom line and contribute to customer satisfaction.

Easy, stress-free technology upgrade.

Out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t disrupt business.

Add an extra layer of business intelligence to systems and smart equipment.

Gain instant insights from existing equipment without extra costs.

Wireless sensor connectivity that does not affect the warranty of your expensive machines.

Plug-and-play to make work easier for people and not harder.

Integrate ERP with the physical and digital insights from the factory floor.

Gain instant insights on every level of the organisation.

Improved employee performance

Gain better support for Lean, Quality and innovation.

Gain better visibility of the performance and opportunities in the supply chain.

Operate faster, leaner and with confidence of fully integrated insights.

Deploy FactoryWorxTM Integrations on Your Terms

One of the most valued benefits of FactoryWorxTM MES Modular solutions is flexibility. If you are not ready to go full throttle into Industry 4.0 transformation, you can easily adopt the complete FactoryWorxTM integrations make it super easy and viable to roll it any of the MES functionalities fast to make an instant difference. Each MES Module is independent and enables deploying automation and efficiencies where they are most needed.


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  • Cloud – SaaS, Web-based
  • Desktop – Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Mobile – iPhone, Android, iPad
  • On-Premises – Windows, Linux


  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Annual Subscription
  • One-Time License


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We Have the Solution


Fully optimised production planning, visibility, control.


Measure and gain instant real-time insight into important data.


Automated, instantly measurable quality across a matrix of factors.


Instant visibility of component and product status, quantity and location.


Seamlessly integrates with major ERP and known business systems.


Industry 4.0 enabled, real time production environment visibility.


Control product progress/cost from components to despatch.


Faster, always accurate and reliable digital factory operations.


Lean starts with no down-time preventative maintenance.


Just plug in and action insights to reduce cost and your footprint.


Optimise yield on equipment and stock for maximum


Empower people to see the bigger picture, their progress and support.


Test FactoryWorx Core Modules inn Your Operations

Try Before You Buy. Adopting new, advanced MES, Manufacturing Execution System, whether as a single function or entire Industry 4.0 transformation, is a major business commitment. It’s not just cost, but also potential disruptions, increased workloads and a steep learning curve. Not with FactoryWorx!


Energy Management
production Planning


OEE Reporting


Manufacturing Dashboard

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Choosing the best MES solution for your manufacturing operation is easier than you think. FactoryWorx modular, scalable MES platform can rapidly transform manufacturing your company into an Industry 4.0 leader. Scalable for growth and offering exceptional value, FactoryWorx is the number one choice for some of the leading brands as well as small manufacturing operations.