Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking system consists of the processes and policies designed to monitor the movement of inventory. Previously companies used to track inventory manually with a card system.

Each time an inventory is bought they used to write their number was manually written on the card. Today, some companies still use a type of manual entry system to keep record of inventory transactions, but the records are now saved in a spreadsheet program instead on a card. Technology has made vast improvements in the way inventory gets tracked.

Many companies today have a totally automated inventory tracking system. Whenever an inventory transaction occurs, the inventory system gets an automatic notification of the transaction. This removes a lot of the human fault caused by physically inventory tracking. FactoryWorx inventory tracing system is such an automatic inventory controller.

Some Benefits of FactoryWorx Inventory Tracking System

Inventory Tracking System Maximizes Resource Utilization

  • FactoryWorx Inventory Tracker outshines at automating complicated batch processes and capitalizes on the practice of accessible plant volume by handling concurrent batch implementation on networked equipment.

  • It consists of planning, modifying, equipment adjudication, apportionment and announcement, organizing the dispensation of batches with the control system, guiding batch bustle, ingredients ingestion and manufacture records to the past database

Inventory Tracking System Processes Demonstrating and Recipe Management

  • FactoryWorx inventory tracker provides great elasticity in recipe formation and alteration by means of a well-defined interface to point control blocks, removing the necessity to transform control code with recipe process fluctuations

Inventory Tracking System provides Measurable Supervision and Traceability

  • FactoryWorx inventory tracker enables manages bendable product tracks, letting instantaneous multi-product and multi-stream batch implementation on common apparatus and networks while recording all material workflows. The Batch Process Manager diminishes the scheme manufacturing exertions and empower Batch Manager software to afford comprehensive material traceability.

Inventory Tracking System provides Electronic Batch Record (EBR) Automation

  • FactoryWorx Inventory tracking system provides wide-ranging batch implementation and apparatus record with jam-packed product family through automatic records to the past catalogue. It safeguards consistent batch implementation credentials with accumulation and forward protecting, if past database is absence.

Inventory Tracking System Supervisory Agreement

  • FactoryWorx inventory controller system gives complete proficiencies to assist the scheme and deployment of systems, applications and solutions that fulfill the required guidelines. It empowers applied batch sequencing, where status of every batch is marked done and checked which is an automated name in the batch record.