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Essential Features of Production Dashboard for Manufacturing Companies

A production dashboard helps monitor the important KPIs from one central point of access. It allows manufacturers to keep close track of the KPIs and take necessary actions to optimize quality. At the same time, this helpful tool works as a valuable analytics tool to manage all manufacturing costs efficiently. 

A customized production reporting software can simplify management. If you wish to know the benefits of using such software, refer to our blog ‘How production dashboard helps a manufacturing industry?’. This blog will give an idea about the most desired features of such software to withstand the cut-throat competition in the market.

Most-Desired Features of a Production Dashboard

The manufacturing industry deals with lots of data that needs careful analysis. Real-time production monitoring has become a necessity since every manufacturing industry requires insights to bring in much-needed improvement. Hence, picking up the perfect production dashboard is critical for the unit’s success. Further, it is crucial because it acts as a link between production, finance, quality and other key elements of the industry.


  • Customizable: Every manufacturing unit is unique, so are its requirements. Hence, customization of the production dashboard helps access the appropriate data that can help enhance performance. The owner can request developers to include the desired features in the software. It plays a crucial role, as certain data is key to the manufacturing industry, it may be useless for another.

    In short, a customizable design is a must in the present digital world. If you are not sure of what you wish to include in the dashboard, refer to the blog: a guide o effective manufacturing design.


  • Reduce manufacturing cost: The real time production monitoring software helps spot bottlenecks and problematic areas. It is crucial because it helps save time and doesn’t allow wastage, as the problem would be detected in the initial phase.  


  • Pre-built visualizations: Most software development companies provide their clients with pre-built visuals that provide them with a better understanding, as pictures speak better than words.


  • Remote access: The management can connect their devices with the dashboard, which will allow access to the latest reports, including manufacturing production reports, which could be critical in a few meetings. The other benefit is that the management can log in their details to access data through any device.


  • Greater efficiency: The floor operator has access to real-time data, which allows them to check the output. If they find any decrease in the output, they can check on the machinery and resolve the issue at the earliest.


  • Pre-built visibility of trends: Properly developed dashboard can help forecast the output in best-practice formats. The management can plan accordingly. They can include changes to help the company’s performance.


  • Real-time visibility of KPIs: Customization helps the dashboard display KPIs in real-time. It aids in detecting problematic issues with ease. It will help the floor managers to check the effect of changes.


  • Automated inventory management: The manufacturing company can request for display of inventory status. It can help in the timely ordering of raw materials and dispatching finished products. It reduces the instance of out-of-stock scenarios.


  • Data security: Everyone can view data. Only authorized personnel can have access to the data and modify the variables. Hence, maximum data security is provided.


  • Enhanced cross-functional collaboration: Proficient software Development Company can collaborate key indicators of various departments and bring them together on the dashboard. This single picture help guess the financial state of the organization.

If an organization has other specific requirements, the software company can include them in the dashboard on request. It can help in making the best decision for your organization. Manufacturing units can use a single production dashboard for various purposes.