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Adapt a Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing to Cut Unproductive Work

If we do not exercise daily our body starts feeling lazy and unproductive. Same formula applied in the manufacturing industry to improve the work force and gain customer satisfaction. We all know that digitalization is approved in the roots of MES (manufacturing execution system). No one can deny that MES is a control system that manages the manufacturing process from start to end. Advanced paperless manufacturing intelligence is now connected with continuous improvement to ward off all the risks that become a hurdle in productivity and efficiency. CI is a digital platform that consistently keeps working on the operating systems like ERP and MES software to give a boost to manufacturing performance.


Highly Efficient CI Platform to transform into industry 4.0 Leaders

FactoryWorx CI platform is standardized with the latest processes like 4.0 leaders, 5 lean manufacturing principles. It avoids the risk of waste of time and maximizing productivity thereby assists in a concept called in-time manufacturing. It uses tools and standard templates to look at every aspect that doesn’t bring value to customers. 


Not only that, FactoryWorx Continuous Improvement is digitized with automated ambiance. It keeps an eye on every change that can help improve productivity over- the- time. Be it people, structure, process or technology; continuous improvement transformation leads to change the possible way to accelerate the efficiency of manufacturing.

Advantages of Continuous Improvement

Here are some key attributes that help you to know why Continuous Improvement is needed in a manufacturing world. 


1.Increased efficacy

CI is mostly based on the Lean values and six sigma templates and 4.0 leaders. It clearly demonstrates how to eliminate waste, reduce inefficiency and shorten time in the delivery process. Added to this it also helps to build a framework to take their process to the other level.


2. competitive products and services

As I earlier mentioned it constantly focuses on the productivity and workforce of the manufacturing process. From top to bottom, every aspect is visualized to redefine the process. Undeniably, this process improves the quality of product and reduces myriad errors that occur during the production growth.


3. CI offers workflow automation

Now traditional workflow management is replaced with workflow automation. A small and detailed information is now transferred into the digital world. You will agree that artificial intelligence and machine learning processes rely on paper less and digital tools. The centralized workflow platform reduces the paper wastage and also helps to save the memories which is a limit to human brains.

FactoryWorx Continuous Improvement Tool

There are dozens of CI tools and methods. Here are the foundational elements of CI which can be automated and integrated with production using the FactoryWorx Continuous Improvement platform.


A3 Report

It is a type of thought that is processed by Lean organizations all over the world. It uses a simple and user-friendly interface that connects you with the specific needs you require. From the root cause of the problem, current condition and everything you need will be described on the single page. Here are two important attributes of this A3 Report tool.


The Fish-shaped diagram template

A world-famous fishbone program is used in A3 Report to tackle the troubleshooting conditions. The fish name is related to its fish shaped diagram. Most importantly it is used in marketing, sales and manufacturing processes. Specifically, it is used for real-time collaboration. The manufacturing process has added branches. If you wish you can edit the unwanted branches and ease the process of manufacturing. 


5 whys 

5 whys is another specific module that helps to generate the question that occurs during the production. When you ask why purposely this tool dig into the root cause of the problem by again asking the question “why”. Once you propose a question you will get the exact report for why it happened. You can generate the question “WHY” up to five times for a better solution. 


4Ps are very essential in the manufacturing process like product, price, place and promotion. If a product is not delivered in time you will not be able to get that desired place in the business world. Continuous improvement is the key element to improve quality and efficacy of a product. It helps organizations to manage the workflow of the manufacturing process to take your business to the next level.