Production Monitoring

Factoryworx Correct and on time production reports are the main factors of decision making. With FactoryWorx production monitoring, you will exactly know what product has been produced, what is not produced, time needed, raw materials used, each worker’s involvement and commitment . With actual facts from production monitoring decisions can be made based on the problems which need attention and in other cases, detect strong problems before they influence on customer experiences

FactoryWorx production monitoring includes

  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Scheduling &  Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Quality Control
  • Control Preventative Maintenance Features and functionality include:
  • Serialized Label Printing.
  • Adjustment Reporting.
  • Automatic Bar-code Printing and Reporting for, job picklists, inventory/log tracking, shipping, inspection and compliance, asset tracking, and more.
  • Automatic label generation and customer specific labels.
  • Easy readability with spreadsheet-like view of shift production activity.
  • A thorough record of production – by date, shift, cell, work center – is always available. 
  • Report production on a daily, shift and real-time basis.
  • Automatically estimates material usage
Production Monitoring System
Production Monitoring System
The Challenge

The vital challenges for manufacturing industry are to progress volume, volume, rigidity, cost reduction. To face these challenges, factory equipment needs to be optimized, which can be done only by production monitoring or production performance management. But the mixed nature of manufacturing instruments makes it difficult to obtain an overall result. The instruments use exclusive software that uses exclusive procedures which are not easy to turn to modern ones.

Production Perfomance Management
Production Performance Management

Production Management System

Based on location, data, time and required output, project monitoring  is performed by

  • Sensors
  • Press Monitors
  • Line Integrator

The important part of production monitoring is sensing the manufacturing equipment with respect to time and its operation. The sensors senses all the needed measurements in production monitoring and collect all data in and around the manufacturing equipment.

Press Monitor

Press monitors interface with the sensors to collect machine and equipment operation constraints. Sensor conditioner is incorporated inside the press monitor.   RTC inbuilt inside the press monitor  maintains the date and time. And the data from the press monitor is then transmitted to the main component or the line integrator.

Line Integrator

Line Integrator is assisted by Wi-Fi connectivity with which it updates the collected data from press monitor to the central server. Along with the data update, line integrator also local audio and visual notifications with respect to the local configuration settings.

Benefits of FactoryWorx Production Monitoring

  • Increased operational productivity such as uptime, equipment employment through analytical repairs. For example former estimate of available raw material.
  • Increased goods manufacturing by successful industry supply chain.
  • Expected production time and material intake
  • Tracing of the work of production employees and relating with their former work.
  • Tracing of raw ingredients
  • Features impacting manufacture performance and manufacture goals
  • Manipulation of manufacture strategic facts such as manufacture speed, substantial waste, run time, output times, etc.

With FactoryWorx  production monitoring, we have brought significant changes in the way factory has been operating before.