Paperless Manufacturing

FactoryWorx Paperless Manufacturing System

A paperless software system in manufacturing with the use of electronic system of manufacturing replaces use of papers and helps in continuous improvement,  keeping records of all the details of production cycle safe and handy.

We at FactoryWorx use our map form builder as a paperless system to aid manufacturing. You can go even for excel, but it is less consistent as compared to the form builder. Form builders are consistent and are more dedicated.

Benefits of FactoryWorx Paperless Manufacturing System

Improved Working Flexibility

To come up with the customer’s frequently changing demands, shortages of raw materials, and old equipment, manufacturing managers and supervisors need to have correct access to the updated details of the production flow in order to take fast and accurate decisions. The paperless electronic form builder helps managers to have up-to-data information to take faster decisions.

  • The instantaneous statistics delivered by electronic presentations prompts the level of data flow between workers as the time spend to create, share, and manage paper results is removed.

  • Moreover, remote access to these electronic documents eliminates the need of on-site presence which was a must during paper report super visioning and unlocks fresh opportunities for a remote workforce.
Paperless Electronic Form Builder
Paperless System
  • An electronic system of processing replaces the hurdles of handling and sharing hard copies with paperless systems. Having a paperless system gives the ability to edit, review, share, and archive ideas.

  • In such an atmosphere, new ideas are easily encouraged than dealing with numerous forms of documents that requires to be handled physically.

Faster Responsiveness

  • An inflexible factory environment only constricts the speed and interprets straight to cost reduction.

  • If there is a product recall condition where having real-time product traceability data provided by assimilated electronic displays are available to all relevant parties who could identify a quality issue.
Paperless Electronic System

Reduced Paper and Associated Costs

paperless system cuts down the use of paper
  • A paperless system obviously cuts down the use of paper. Use of paper piles up huge bulk between different reports, and schedules. And dealing with these big bundles of paper increases cost and displeasure.

  • Cutting down of paper encourages forestation and makes employee work with less difficulty.

  • Paperless manufacturing favours the cutting down of cost of  buying papers, and their dumping. Hence helps in reducing energy consumption.

Better and Simpler Safety

  • There is always risk in keeping paper documents as they need to be physically stored.

  • But a paperless system can be stored virtually and have separate access to separate employees.

  • Also, digital evidence that is automatically stored can be eagerly transformed, and can be deposited and archived for long span of time—hence, easily assembling industry and government guidelines.

Paperless Manufacturing System

Safety and Security

Paperless MRP System
  • Although paperless solutions give easy and multiple access control, it does have control to access different information for different people.

  • Only a few set of people are allowed to be admins to the electronic systems. These admins can add new users and can later limit their access rights.

  • In paper reporting, many forms never come back from the fields as data go missing and issues with signatures, stamps may arise.

  • But with paperless forms, no missing of data and signatures, as automation and remote access is the solution.