Maintenance Management System

FactoryWorx Maintenance Management System

The FactoryWorx maintenance management system takes charge of confirming the maximum availability and excellence of all equipment, and facilities necessary of your manufacturing needs. Management of raw material, equipment and personnel are done at the lowest possible cost. The use of the right maintenance management system can help guarantee that your maintenance accomplishments are being executed effortlessly and resourcefully and that all the equipment in the factory plant are functioning at peak form.

Features of FactoryWorx Maintenance Management System

  • Maintenance work schedule formation, scheduling, listing and supervision
  • Real-time equipment failure maintenance management
  • Preventive maintenance and Predictive maintenance
  • Data management and Inventory Control
  • Employee task tracking and administration
  • Operator role permissions and, OEE and KPI tracing
  • Real-time production reporting system
  • Machine downtime reporting and Multi-language support
  • File storage and Compliance and care review controlling
  • QR code and barcode recognition
  • Automatic alerts and announcements
Real-time Factory Maintenance Management System


Implementation can be simple as well as complicated depending on the usage. FactoryWorx Maintenance management system is versatile and is usable in wide range of industries.

Basic Implementation

FactoryWorx Management system has easy installation, once set up is done, it is up and running within no time and requires very less assistance.

User Friendly

Its interface is very handy and user friendly than other maintenance management systems.

Customer support

We provide hand in hand product service and support to our customers to ensure efficient performance.

Easy Integration

 FactoryWorx Maintenance Management System can be easily programmed to integrate with other systems that you use.

Benefits of FactoryWorx Maintenance Management Systems

FactoryWorx Maintenance Management System
  • Cut machinery downtime

  • Rise yield and Lower maintenance costs

  • Improve work order administration

  • Improve utilization and lifetime of equipment

  • Schedule preventive maintenance

  • Develop inventory control

  • Simplify data-driven management verdicts

  • Confirm agreements and loyalty to security values

In FactoryWorx maintenance management system, real-time demonstration of equipment’s performance, helps in smoother conclusions and initiates continuous improvement in the manufacturing process.

We leverage machine performance data, to improve factory maintenance management processes and performance.

We have also implemented preventative and predictive maintenance systems to decrease machine downtimes, further improving productivity. The ability to recognize when equipment will need maintenance and then implement the correct idea to confirm that machines are maintained before failure occurs provides incredible firmness to production. FactoryWorx maintenance management system even uses industry 4.0, virtual as well as augmented to further optimize our maintenance management system.