Job Shop Scheduling (JSS)

Job Shop Scheduling

Today, manufacturing planning and management have become far more complex than it was ever been. Customer demands high product quality, quantity and short lead times with on-time delivery.  The industry needs efficient production of large variety of products with short lead times.

Job Shop Scheduling has made this possible. It reduces the set up time, which enables companies produce smaller batches of products.

Benefits of FactoryWorx Job Shop Scheduler:

Maybe one of the prized features of job shop scheduling for managers is the capability to accomplish control over strategic production arrangement and the insight delivered by a job shop scheduling solution into a manufacturing company’s overall supply chain creating a better approachable connection between production, supply, and customer affairs.

1. Better Strategic production processes

FactoryWorx Job shop scheduling creates an enhanced, time saving production program under consideration of capitals, employees, raw material and equipment availability. In return, this lets engineers and managers greater understanding into probable tailbacks and distractions with adequate time within the supply chain to come over interruptions by improving strategic manufacture programs and schedules.
Job shop Scheduling Production Plan
Production Plan

2. Production proficiencies

Production Proficiencies

The simplicity of data management and job allotment within the FactoryWorx job shop scheduling solution allows:

  • Manufacturing companies to compare different job allocation scenarios based on:

  • Actual orders or

  • Customer inquiries to make informed,

  • Productivity-based decisions on how jobs should be allocated

  • And the resources necessary to complete those jobs.  

3. Supply Chain Integration

FactoryWorx Job shop scheduling solution allows stress-free, suitable assimilation with current planning solutions to form interaction throughout the complete supply chain. This cooperation drives in encouraging an entirely augmented production system capable of responding and answering to minor and major interruptions.

Supply Chain Integration
Supply Chain Integration Model

4. Real-time Notifications

Real Time Job Shop Scheduler
Real Time Jop Shop Scheduler
The ability to deliver warnings, fault alerts, and further notifications in adjustments to guidelines and limitations in production is compulsory for on-time supply and sustaining manufacturing agendas. FactoryWorx Job shop scheduler delivers such announcements to managers in real-time to raise more up-to-date production resolutions for improved efficiency.

Job shop scheduling or the job-shop problem (JSP) is an optimization problem in computer science and operations research in which jobs are assigned to resources at particular times.

  • If multiple jobs are processed on several machines, each job consists of a sequence of tasks, which must be performed in a given order, and each task must be processed on a specific machine.

  • For example, the job could be the manufacture of a single consumer item, such as an automobile. The problem is to schedule the tasks on the machines so as to minimize the length of the schedule(the time it takes for all the jobs to be completed).

Problems Encountered with JSS:

  • No task for a job can be started until the previous task for that job is completed.

  • A machine can only work on one task at a time.

  • A task once started must run to completion.