Industry 4.0 enabled Cloud Connected Factory

The 4th Industrial Revolution defines the exponential alterations to the approach we live, work and communicate to one another with the Internet of Things. As we deploy smart technologies in our factories, devices coupled with sensors communicate with each other. Industry 4.0 is disrupting and building massive changes to more or less every industry and the manufacturing industry is an important one.

Connected Cloud Platform (on- premise)

  • At FactoryWorx, we use standardized cloud platform provided with industry proven sensors and technology connecting hundreds of customers’ information.

  • From factory automation to logistics uses and production monitoring solutions, our cloud platform can resolve effectively any sensing claim. It provides reliable and well-organized work flow control and risk avoidance control.

  • We also provide you on-premise cloud, where your server can stay in your factory.  For companies who prefer to keep their information private, we give a dedicated cloud for them.
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Cloud Connected Platforms

Rapid Deployment

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Rapid Deployment
  • The rapid-deployment approach of FactoryWorx Cloud connected manufacturing service create the most of business outcomes, augmenting manufacturing through instigating integration from ERP enterprise level to manufacturing accomplishment.

  • Our plug and play deployment allows you fast installation of your server and data will be available in cloud within few hours.

  • FactoryWorx simple product visualization improves production monitoring. It does real-time overview of quality control activities with its spontaneous  web interface and wireless sensor devices. It connects your data straight to the cloud.

Open Connectivity

  • FactoryWorx Cloud is open and provides interoperability and is brand-vendor-agnostic.

  • We can connect any sensor and data can be extracted by industrial protocols like OPC, TCP,

  • Operator Cloud is the central space in the factory which is an open layer space in the factory and supports all enterprise-needed functions and applications. 

  • Mobile devices like forklift can also be directly connected and reads elements like speed, pressure, temperature, etc.
Digital Factory
Open Cloud Connectivity

Big Data Analytics

big data analytics in industry 4.0
Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics is key to industry 4.0.

  • Industry 4.0 is an standard plateform to analyze your data.

  • Under Industry 4.0, big data analytics is useful in predictive manufacturing and is a big add-on for industrial technology development.

  • Analysis of all data categorizes in inventory, equipment practices, etc. empowers proactive decision-making.