Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP) is a method for the effective planning of all resources of a manufacturing software company. FactoryWorx MRP assists manufacturers in dealing with production planning, scheduling and inventory control, etc. to bring out the best yield possible from the manufacturing process.

Benefits of FactoryWorx Manufacturing Resource Planning:

1. Raw Material Management

  • Availability of resources is the main driving force of any manufacturing process.

  • FactoryWorx MRP provides status of cost and availability of these raw materials.

  • Having the update of the materials, gives an idea to the manufacturer to properly engage the available raw materials in the production line.
Raw Material Management
Raw Material Management

2. Inventory Management

Inventory Management System
Inventory Management System
  • The FactoryWorx MRP system analyses the raw materials to be used in the production phase and estimates the exact amount and cost of inventory tracking system for completing the production schedule.

  • It does inventory cross cutting and time optimization in the production phase.

3. Work Scheduling Control

Work schedules help in

  • proper management of production time,
  • yield and
  • bandwidth.

FactoryWorx Manufacturing Resource Planning demonstrates the entire picture of the production cycle which the managers can use the information to manage:

  • on-time operations,
  • cost and
  • time required by each employee to correctly complete each task.
Work Scheduling Control
Work Scheduling Control

4. Production Forecasting

MRP Production Phase
MRP Production Phase
  • Shortage of raw materials often creates obstacles in the production phase.

  • FactoryWorx Manufacturing Resource Planning systems easily detect those obstacles.

  • When shortages occur, the FactoryWorx MRP system reroutes the production phase to a different product for which the raw materials are available.

  • It helps manufacturers plan their production stage, whenever raw materials are available.

5. Purchase Structuring

  • Structuring and organizing of the production phase needs list of available raw materials, what to buy, how much quantity to buy and when to buy.

  • For material purchase planning, the FactoryWorx Manufacturing Resource Planning tracks the production cycle in every step and figures out if anything is to be bought while checking with production and supplies.

  • Procurement managers configure MRPs to contact suppliers automatically when there is a need for a purchase.
material purchase planning
Purchase Structuring

6. Time Saving

Time Saving MRP System
Time Saving MRP System
  • MRP systems are preset and need minute human involvement.

  • As inventory, production control, etc. are all taken cared by the FactoryWorx Manufacturing Resource Planning system, so it saves a lot of human labor cost and time.

  • The results of MRP are far more accurate than when done by humans.