Get the Most out of your Data with FactoryWorx BI Dashboard

Factory Dashboard

Factory dashboard automates data collection with high data transparency, and makes production reporting system much competent. It enables to monitor several KPIs and Metrics at a single time. With this, you can also test, evaluate, and tweak your data and get more value out of it, consolidating and automating numerous data points giving a great visualization and better decision making.

Our Factory Dashboard: User Friendly

  • We have a wide range of self-editable and self-installable components which can be done without any professional IT support.
  • It gives high resolution and visualization as data presentation features. Our MAP dashboard supports in handling charts, read current metrics and KPIs and other representations without external help.
  • It enables quick and quality support of the BI activities. A simple drag and drop of the data values, enables users to produce a pixel-perfect dashboard.
Factory BI Dashboard
Factory Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our Factory Dashboard: Acquire Location-based Insights

Location based Business Intelligence Dashboard
Location based Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • We support you in location based intelligence, with the feature of coloring each location with different colors.

  • Colours depend on the data values and points of different locations.

  • With factoryworx dashboard, you will be able to know changes in each location and how the data points in each location perform.

Our Factory Dashboard: Drill down Business Data and Root Causes

  • For business insights, you can get the deep and detailed information using our dashboard.

  • We support you to drill down business information and help in presenting them in charts with great visualization.

  • With changes in data, instead of just viewing on top, you can have a granular view to get to the original cause and decide what arrangements are needed.
Manufacturing Dashboard
Business Information Dashboard

Our Factory Dashboard: Easy Integration of Outsourced content

Factory Dashboard
Factory Dashboard
  • In projects today, a lot of outsourcing takes place as innovation occurs both in and out of the organization.

  • When you need to involve a third party data points, we enable you to fit in the outsourced content with the existing ones.

  • Bringing data points from external modules into your dashboard can be done with simple drag and drop.

Our Factory Dashboard: Remote Access and Responsive to all devices

  • Factoryworx dashboard is a big YES for employees working in remote locations. With its remote access ability, any employee belonging to your company can check your data anytime and anywhere. It runs in all devices and supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Users can deploy them into any system via HTML, Flash or PDF. Its dashboards and reports can be deployed to end users via HTML (AJAX), Flash or PDF.
  •  All devices are responsible to the all-time available dashboards. With FactoryWorx, you can take your dashboards wherever you go. It is available for all operating systems including iOS and Android.
Factory Production Monitoring Dashboard
Factory Production Monitoring Dashboard

Our Factory Dashboard: Organized sharing of Content

production monitoring dashboard
Remote Access and Responsive to all devices
  • With our Factory dashboard, you don’t have to deal with complicated configuration settings and you can now easily share all your content among different devices and web users.

  • As once logged in, the user can immediately go through the content and can customize the content whenever they want.