Energy Management System

Cloud based energy management system allows companies to review and control their energy practice and cost. With energy management system, business can track their progress on energy policies to determine their progress and build budgets.

Why Energy management system ?

IT empowers businesses to:

  • Cut costs
  • Report energy usage and its cost to stakeholders
  • Track numerous services, including electricity, water, drain, etc.
  • Generate real-time notifications for accounting or energy checking processes

How Energy Management System works?

Gather information from Transducers

Transducers measure the energy used in all the electrical loads like the lightning, meter, AC, heater, etc.  The EMS collects all data from the transducers.

Process data and send Alerts

EMS collects data from the single or groups of smart grid meters.

EMS then sent alert notifications to Energy managers about any irregular energy customs.

Energy system compiles and predicts the energy usage

Our EMS connects with weather stations and collect data data(temperature, moisture, humidity) and finds out the regular energy practice and predicts energy usage for the next day.

Hence ensures that the EMS users gets notification every time an irregular energy usage occurs.

This helps companies maintain less consumption of electricity and lower costs.