Centralized Printing Management System

FactoryWorx Centralized printing guarantees you a 100% Confirmation on your printing tasks

With our Centralized printing management system, you can monitor your complete print ecosystem using a single program.  FactoryWorx printing manager will let to take control of the entire print jobs, get you notified on status changes, and also real-time warnings in case of errors. Enabling full control of all print jobs will automatically increase productivity with easy configuration and secure print conditions. 

Monitor all your devices centrally

When devices needed in printing jobs like the printers, scanners, Xerox machines, etc. are installed locally, it is difficult to monitor all the devices one by one to get a view of output, supplies and other issues. Monitoring each of the devices separately makes it difficult to predict the total cost and progress collaboration.

Factoryworx centralized printing management system concentrates on determining the right size of the devices to be installed according to requirements and your situation.

Centralized printing management  system allows

    • integrated control,

    • normalization,

    • one single access for the entire system,

    • Centralized buying and dealer management,

    • repairing and trouble soothing services,

    • easy installation,

    • easy moving,

    • simple addition of products,

    • easy alteration and

    • clearance services

Centralized Printer Management

Cost Savings on Maintenance

Buying a centralized  printing management system and then again hiring support professionals to maintain the devices becomes cost effective and consume time. With FactoryWorx centralized printing management, you do not have to worry about these. From installation, to its frequent support and maintenance, we take care of everything.

Centralized Printing Management System

We enable you to focus completely on your other business priorities, while we take care of all maintenance responsibilities.

Our maintenance system includes

    • trained support professionals,

    • continuous monitoring, and

    • reporting software,

    • frequent hardware tests and its repair,

    • cloud portals for collaboration,

    • accounting, etc.

Easy Label Design Management

  • Transform your Labelling system, with Factoryworx labeling system.

  • A label management system will help you restructure your whole labeling process from A to Z reducing cost and time, managing and sorting all types of printing labels.

  • Factoryworx centralized label management help you to design labels according to users and business needs. It has built-in graphical design properties that allow users to generate fast labels without any programming skills.

  • We enable you to instantly deploy a label printing process across any factory locations and manage it centrally. Managing them requires very little training and reduces IT costs as need of app installation at each work station is not needed.

Label Management System

Open Platform

Printing Management System Open Software Platform
  • FactoryWorx Centralized Printing Management System is Vendor Agnostic.

  • We are not tied to one specific vendor. We ensure standardized software platform irrespective of the hardware implementation.

  • We provide you flexibility and deliver a full-fledged solution that dynamically adapts to all business and technology changes.

  • We have the ability to include 3rd party services as part of a predominant information management strategy.